The youngest Americans struggling to learn how to read after COVID LOCKDOWN!

After the breakthrough of the COVID19 pandemic we as parents have been struck with millions of new obstacles. Some of us lost JOBS some got their business BURNED or simply SHUT due to new regulations. Our children are taking the biggest damage as we fail to notice how all of this is affecting them.

As the schools were shut or moved online their interaction with other kids is limited and the progress in their learning and readiness for life is in real danger. As the children need to cover the subjects relative to their age more and more parents across USA have noticed that the READING has become the issue caused by the Pandemic.

The friendly teachers are doing what they behind the laptop camera and we are afraid it is not enough for most of the kids. As the phones and video games have taken the leisure time while the grownups are busy with finding the way to deal with the new situation and how to keep the family safe the books and reading is left aside.

Until the schools reopen entirely and as they do, we must follow the progress of our children. We MUST ensure their bright future and make sure their education is our priority. After the pandemic is gone, forgotten and behind us, I would like that my child comes out of it smarter and with more skills than before the lockdown.

We found online the great tool to follow the progress and also to help the young ones to learn how to read in easy way. As they look up to their parents making these simple reading exercises with your dearest ones can create even deeper bonds that will last for lifetime. We are 100% sure they will be grateful for your help and the time spent together!

To get your tools and start teaching your kids how to read click here:

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