US citizenship soon easier for MIGRANTS!

WASHINGTON (AP) — A coalition of immigration advocacy groups is launching a $50 million effort aimed at defending President Joe Biden on immigration and pressuring lawmakers from both parties to pass a pathway to citizenship.

While the US citizens are struggling to find work, the unemployment rate has never been so high. The small businesses are shutting down in larger numbers each day. The future of our country is not looking bright as the pandemic has got a hold on each aspect of the everyday life. Instead of helping the citizens in need we are investing millions in receiving and sheltering the majority of illegal immigrants and their numbers rise each day.

“People can no longer wait. And people are not going to absolve either party from delivering in this moment,” Praeli said. “We will not be shy about holding both or either accountable, particularly as we walk into next year, 2022 and beyond.”

The effort includes a $30 million commitment from a group of advocacy organizations calling themselves We Are Home, in addition to a $20 million commitment from a handful of other immigration groups, including the Mark Zuckerberg-backed

It kicks off with a $1.5 million television and digital ad campaign from We Are Home launching across five states and Washington, D.C., starting Saturday, and digital ads running in six more states.

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