After “solving” the Border CRISIS, Kamala Harris in charge of the American Jobs plan!

In the history of our country there has not been a moment when this amount of ILLEGAL ALLIENS entered unchecked through our border and were given the opportunity to stay within USA. The surge in numbers started the minute new administration stepped away from the 45th president Donald Trumps laws and regulation that kept the border shut and safe.

After a weak try to deal with the issue at hand the new VP Kamala Harris went into hiding and never again got close to our southern border. While the senators and governors of Arizona and Texas are doing the best they can to shut the leaking hole, their plea for help and assistance is left unheard and disregarded.

For 36 long days of the ongoing CRISIS the VP is yet to make the statement on how the situation is going to be dealt with if at all. On the other hand, as a reward for the “JOB WELL DONE”, Harris is to take on another great Democrat Project. She is now put in charge for the new American Jobs Plan proposed by the new administration.

The record-breaking low unemployment in the USA is giving the great blow to our economy that is also on its lowest pint since Biden took the office. Harris capabilities on dealing with rising problems are limited to avoiding press and not mentioning or downplaying the issues when they arise. If she is going to give her best to AMERICAN JOBS as she did to AMERICAN BORDER than we all know the final outcome.

My fellow Americans, be strong, hope for the best but plan for the WORSE!

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