Living happily ever after is under the severe hit as the COVID induced lockdown has brought up some issues we never thought would come out in our marriage.

The constant unclear future as we see on the TV and read in the NEWS is making our family members nervous and easily agitated. This cocktail of bad outside influence on the normal American family has caused the increase of divorces last year and in the beginning of the 2021 by a great number.

The LOVE seams not enough to save a HAPPY MARRIAGE to fall apart after the smallest of disagreements or petty fights. The tension created by someone else is brought inside the family home and it has nested in fear infested hearts of our loved ones. As the easiest choice is just to leave and let our other halves to fend to themselves, we must be the strong ones and fighters for our love and for our future together!

The holy unity of 2 beings is not to be broken by some VIRUS or the few fights that we don’t know how they even started. It is our duty to protect it and to mend it the best way possible. If you give up now than you will be sorry for the rest of your life. In order to get all the dots together and finding the solution it is not enough to “ask your friends advice” and if seeking for professional help is a big hit on the already stretched budget there are other ways.

We can turn to each other and put all the cards on the table and do the mending together as only will from both sides can make the wounds heal faster and scars to go away.

As you are the one reading this right now and if you are in need here you can:

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