100 Days Of Border CRISIS, VACCINES and RACISM!

For the 100 days in office Joe Biden has made a speech in front of the congress with historically lowest attendance due to the COVID precautions. The major take away from the addressing was giving a praise to his administration about the handling of deep crisis America is in right now. As his positive words are far away from the cruel reality this administration has put our country in we the people are skeptical of the promises that are being made and worried on outcome of plan already in place.

The 100 days of Biden’s administration we will remember by:

  1. Biggest border crisis in the history of the USA that is ongoing. Once the president Trump laws and proposals for dealing with the situation on our southern border were neglected and replaced by the Democrat proposed ones, the problems exploded sky high and all the responsible members of the Democrat Administration went into hiding- Including the VP Harris that hasn’t made a comment on the issue for 35 days.
  2. Vaccines administration on the general public was cowered with veil of controversy. Some of the vaccines administered were showing a real danger for health including the appearance of random blood clots that already caused numerous deaths in the USA, predominately with female population. The CDC tried to cover the results but eventually after the pressure from the Republican party had to stop the administration of Johnson&Johnson vaccines until more studies were performed on their role in causing deaths of US citizens. The other vaccines given were shown to cause autism and they are also being closely watched right now but the main “LEFT MEDIA” is not showing signs of stopping a nationwide appeal for all citizens to be vaccinated despite the unclear risks.
  3. After the death of George Floyd last year, the police force has been under the attack by LEFT WING FANATICS, ANTIFA and BLM movement. The officers were attacked on the street daily and every action taken against the criminals is being investigated. After the miss use of powers and mistakes made by few of the officers the entire police force is being defunded and found guilty for crimes they didn’t commit. Their crucial role in our society and American way of life is being second-questioned leaving hundreds of police officers with no other choice but to quit their jobs and wait for better times. The BLM movement made several appearances in past 3 months and together with ANTIFA they have been seen looting and burning down private small businesses leaving the owners already struck with CRISIS without means to survive.

These are the main takeaways from the speech that every American should read between the lines and know that the future offered and promised by the Democrats is far away from what is seen on our streets. We are strong nation and we will prevail all difficulties before us.

God bless the USA!

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