Conservative Bishop E.W. Jackson Slams Demonic Democrat Left!

Conservative Black pastor E.W. Jackson believes that Democrats in America are more racist than skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan and ProudBoys.

In his Wisdom Awakening program Tuesday, Jackson strongly condemned the legalization of marijuana in Virginia. He claimed that “demonic” Democrats spearheaded the effort to manipulate Black Americans into voting for them.

“The biggest and most destructive racists in America are not the Ku Klux Klan, it’s not the skinheads, it’s not the Proud Boys,” Jackson said. “The biggest and most destructive racist in America today are the Democrat Party and the left and all of those associated with them. They are the biggest racists on the planet today. They are the biggest racists in America, and they are the most destructive.”

Jackson insisted that drugs should never be legalized because doing so would “put the state’s imprimatur on it and you say, ‘It’s OK.'”

“It’s not OK,” the pastor said.

“But I tell you who it is OK for. It’s OK for those who want to manipulate people, and use people, and keeping them high is one way to help you do that,” he continued. “I think that the attitude on the left is: Black folks, these minority people, give them some marijuana, give them a welfare check, give them a house, an apartment in the projects, and just let them go out there and do their thing and round them up at election time and get them to the polls to vote for us.”

“No problem, you got ’em. Now that is about as racist as it gets,” Jackson added.

This kind of bribing and using of African-Americans is demonic and paves the road to hell for each that takes part of it. The biggest one among others is the Democratic party doing it only for personal gain.

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