10 Best Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day

The mother is someone that loves you no matter what. She deserves our appreciation and attention every day and not just on Mother’s Day. For this Mother’s Day we have prepared the list of gift ideas that you can go through and chose whichever suits you mother best.

Do not forget to comment how much she enjoyed the gift and the attention given 😊:

1. A Kindle Paperwhite that’s thin, glare-free, and – did I mention? – WATERPROOF.
That means your mom can read in the bath (game changer). Plus, you could preload some books you know she wants to read to really take the gift to the next level.

Kindle Paperwhite – $94.99

I’ve been an avid Kindle user for the past four years, but when I saw this version, I knew it was time to upgrade. The main selling point is the fact that this one is waterproof. So waterproof, in fact, that it can be in up to 2 meters of fresh water for more than 60 minutes. Plus, it’s lighter, has more storage, and the battery lasts for WEEKS. I took this on vacation with me after I got it two years ago, and I was so impressed. I was able to sit on the ledge in the pool and read without worrying about getting the device wet. And I even put it in the water to test, and it still works perfectly (see above!). Plus, I used it every day and didn’t have to charge it the whole time I was on the trip.

Kindle Paperwhite –…$94.99

Get it from Amazon for $94.99+ (available in two sizes, with or without ads, and in four colors).

2. A wine decanter she’ll feel extra fancy using as it aerates her wine to make it taste even better.

Promising review: “I was a little nervous to purchase this as a gift for someone because it’s glass, and I was worried it would arrive broken. However, it was very well packaged and came in perfect condition. It is a really beautiful decanter and anybody that is a wine drinker would love to have this. I am so glad that I decided to purchase. It is larger than I thought it was going to be as well, which is always a nice surprise.”

Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

3. An absolutely beautiful 18-karat gold-plated necklace with such a simple but nice design — she’ll probably wear it every single day.

Promising review: “I received this as a gift and haven’t taken it off. It’s a beautiful gold and my favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t twist. I’m not worried about the clasp coming to the front. Even through showers and changing clothes, it looks great!” Add to Wishlist

Get it from Amazon for$13.99 (available in 14 styles).

Add to Wishlist

4. A punny kitchen towel for the mom who loves cooking with a side of humor.

BTW — Do Take It Personally is a small biz creating mugs and kitchen towels from Minnesota!

Promising review: “As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to get a few for a gift. They arrived quickly; the towels are nice and the designs are cute.” — Amy Statham

Get it from Do Take It Personally from Amazon Handmade for $11.95 (available in 13 designs).

5. A bathtub caddy to truly take her “me” time to new ~heights~. Just be warned, she may never leave the bathtub again…

Not only is it size-adjustable to accommodate different tubs, it comes equipped with a wineglass holder, edges that safely prop up a book or tablet, a candle holder, and extra space for whatever else their cozy heart desires.

Promising review: “When I placed my order for this tray I looked at the pics but did not realize how really cool this piece is. The ability to change the size is great, but I just love the different trays that are removable as well as the ability to put my phone and a Kindle in ‘safe’ areas of the tray.I found a perfect place for my TV remote should I want to watch TV and not read. I just got it and used it last night but it appears to be well-made, balanced, and offers versatility for the things you may want at your fingertips when taking a luxurious bath!” —SindiMcG

Get it from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in six colors).

6. A Nespresso Vertuo, which will mean a ~latte~ to her if she’s a coffee lover, because she’ll be able to make a delicious cup of coffee or espresso in her own home every morning. Just think, while she’s taking her first sip, she’ll be thinking of you and how great of a gift-giver you really are.

Plus, it comes with a milk frother, so she can make her own lattes and cappuccinos.Promising review: “I am really enjoying my new Nespresso machine. I have used it to make regular cups of coffee and also to make lattes. The frother that came with it works great! It makes both hot and cold froth! I also bought a pod holder that you can put the machine on top of, and I’m really glad I’ve got that storage space for the pods. I’ve had my machine a couple of weeks now, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a pod type of machine. It makes way bette- tasting coffee than my previous machine did.” —K Dunn

Get it from Amazon for $$220.99+ (available in five colors, plus bundle options with the aeroccino (Nespresso’s milk frother) and/or sets of coffee pods).

7. A Star Wars cheese board you won’t have to ~force~ her to use, because it’s just so cool that she’ll want to show it off to everyone she knows.

Get it from Amazon for$40.20

8. A NutriBullet to help her ~whip~ up smoothies (and soups and more!) in a matter of seconds.


It comes with a 600-watt motor base, extractor blade, 24-oz cup, a to-go lid, a lip ring, and a recipe book. Plus, it’s simple to clean. All you have to do is twist off the blade, clean it with soap and water, and put the cup in the top rack of a dishwasher. Promising review: “I’ve wanted a NutriBullet for years, and finally got one!! I’ve only used it twice, but it exceeded my expectations in every way!! It comes with a cool quick start instruction page that allows you to use it right away! And it’s not just good for smoothies! It also makes sauces, chops nuts, and grinds granular sugar into powdered sugar. Yes, simple tasks, but I’m just thrilled with it, and it was exactly what I wanted and needed!!” —Jeff & Laura

Get it from Amazon for $48.78.

9.A Revlon One-Stop Hair Dryer and Volumizer she’ll be ~blown~ away with because it’s a gift gift that keeps on giving — great hair 365 days a year.

This brush has hype with more than 150,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews, and it really does live up to it. The oval brush design smooths the hair and the round edges create volume — leaving you with a salon-worthy blowout at home. It also has two heat and speed settings and a cool option.

Promising review: “I love this hair dryer!! I bought it because I broke my shoulder and only have the use of one arm. Before my shoulder was broken, I used a very expensive hairdryer and the best brushes. This hair dryer works better than all of my high-end products. I’ll never go back. The brush is big and I was concerned that it would be too much for my short hair. It will work great on any length of hair. The bristles grab even the shortest hair and dry it smooth and soft. My hair is naturally curly and before trying this dryer, I’d dry my hair, straighten it and then use hot rollers. I am now achieving the same results with the Revlon dryer. I haven’t written a review on a product in years but needed to share my experience with this dryer. It’s worth every penny!” —M J

Promising review: “I have 4c kinky-coily hair. This dryer cuts my drying and straightening time to just 20–25 minutes! I part my hair in four sections, apply my heat protectant, and use this dryer and in no time my hair is straightened! This hairdryer is comfortable and practical to use. I highly recommend for textured hair!” —Lisa

Get it from Amazon for $41.69+ (available in four colors).

10. A pair of faux fur slippers lined with microfleece fabric (that absorbs any moisture *cough, cough* sweat) to keep her feet at a consistent cozy temperature all day long. Plus, with the multi-layer memory-foam footbed, she’ll feel like she’s walking on little soft clouds.

Promising review: “Like most of us, I’ve had many different types of slippers, almost all of which I liked. But I no longer want my feet in ‘sweat boxes’ that I constantly have to kick off to cool my feet down. I want a comfy, casual, cool-looking slipper that not only keeps my feet warm, but are comfortable to wear around the house with a decent support. And this pair of Acorns fits that bill and then some. I can go to the mail box, walk around the yard, vacuum the floors, and never do my feet overheat. They’re soft yet sturdy, and have a similar look to deck shoes. They’re very comfortable. Looks like I’m going to want another pair soon, they’re so pretty I just love them.” —MonaD

Get them from Amazon for $32.58+ (available in women’s sizes 5–12 and 23 colors and patterns).

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